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Review of Tarion's Construction Performance Guidelines

Tarion has committed to an ongoing review of the Construction Performance Guidelines (CPG) for new homes and condominium units to keep pace with the ever-changing construction industry.  This review will be done in phases and all feedback shared will be carefully reviewed and researched to ensure the CPG  a “living” document that can be modified to reflect current practices and requirements.  Your feedback is vital to the success of this review.

We want to hear from you on how to update and improve the CPG.  

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Proposed Revisions to Tarion’s freehold Construction Performance Guidelines (CPG)

During the initial phase of Tarion’s review of the Construction Performance Guidelines (CPG) for freehold homes and condominium units -- from July 2017 to January 2018 -- Tarion received more than 90 submissions from a wide range of stakeholders on potential changes to the CPG. Those suggestions have been reviewed and prioritized based on considerations such as:

  • Changes that have been made to the Ontario Building Code;
  • Common concerns raised on warranty forms and during the claims process; and,
  • Currently industry practices.

Tarion is now actively seeking your feedback on nine proposed revisions below. We will be accepting feedback specific to these nine articles until June 12, 2018, at which point, all the feedback will be reviewed and the final articles will be posted. 

The nine items listed below were developed during the first phase of the review. Tarion will continue to address all of the remaining original submissions in later phases of the review, as well as any other new suggestions shared with us. We expect the next phase will be shared with you in Fall 2018. 

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Proposed Revisions to the CPG – Phase 1 (Spring 2018) 

CPG Article 2.5: Finished floor above grade is out of level

CPG Article 4.33: Exterior lintels not primed or painted

CPG Article 8.5: Condensation and or frost on windows

CPG Article 8.8: Heating ventilating or air conditioning (HVAC) system not installed properly

CPG Article 9.1: Ceiling is uneven

CPG Article 10.23: Unfilled gaps between baseboards and wall

CPG Article 10.24: Gap between baseboard trim and finished floor surface

CPG Article 11.12: Staining of natural stone products

CPG Article 12.2: Finished floor uneven

Other submissions researched and considered, which resulted in no change can be viewed below:

Other submissions reviewed

For easy reference to the current Third Edition of the Construction Performance Guidelines , click here.