Important Information About Kings Custom Homes

In July 2017 Tarion issued a Notice of Proposal (NOP) to revoke the registration of Kings Custom Homes Incorporated. As the Registrar, Tarion requires builders to adhere to certain requirements in order to obtain and maintain a registration under the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act. The decision to issue this NOP was made due to the failure of Kings Custom Homes to meet Tarion's ongoing registration requirements.

As with all builders who are issued an NOP by Tarion, Kings Custom Homes had the right to appeal Tarion’s proposal to the Licence Appeal Tribunal. Kings Custom Homes filed an appeal in August 2017 but has since withdrawn it. This allowed Tarion to carry out its proposal to revoke the registration. As a result, Kings Custom Homes is no longer registered with Tarion and cannot build or sell new homes in Ontario.

If you purchased a home from Kings Custom Homes, you should seek legal advice regarding your purchase agreement and deposit. If Kings Custom Homes does not return your deposit, contact Tarion to discuss possible deposit protection under the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act.

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